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Reason to Choose Us!

MINSUNG GC is a global company that shares the three elemental spirits of vision, challenge, and innovation that aims to be a star-like company for its clients. With 30+ years of experience and partnerships with top-class machinery manufacturers, we are confident to offer you high-quality products and custom items designed to meet your needs.

Established in 1989 by Keun W. Chung, MINSUNG GC’s Machinery Parts Division has introduced various machinery products for pneumatic control, fluid sealing, electrical control, large bearings, industrial filters, and more to domestic Korean companies. Based on our many business developments and actual technical sales, MINSUNG GC has shown value as an ideal partner that achieves the best growth in Korea’s machinery and defense industries.

Customer / Client Focus

MINSUNG GC focuses on understanding the needs of the customers and delivering on our promises regardless of the scale or complexity of the order. By connecting and working closely with our customers and our world’s leading principal, we develop solutions  ensuring the best quality items and technical support modified to our customers’ needs.

Challenge & Innovation

MINSUNG GC is committed to the development of the future of the defense and machinery industry. Even under rapid changes, it is our mission and vision to become the bridge between companies as our tagline states, “Bridge connecting between progress,” creating a better future for the development of mechanical industries within South Korea. 

Quality Work

We take great responsibility in securing that all items provided to our customers’ are flawless and high quality.